Playing Secrets DVD Combo Pack
  • Playing Secrets DVD Combo Pack
  • Playing Secrets DVD Combo Pack
  • Playing Secrets DVD Combo Pack

Playing Secrets DVD Combo Pack


Save over 33%, by purchasing this Playing Secrets DVD Combo Pack. Originally $29.99, we are dropping the price to $20.00! With over 2.5 hours of instructional video, your instructors, Andy Aledort and Jimmy Brown, teach you how to play like two of rock's greatest guitarists of all time - Jimmy Page and Jimi Hendrix. By purchasing this combo pack, you'll get:

Jimmy Page Playing Secrets, Vol. 1: Electric Style

In this 100+ minute DVD, long-time Guitar World Senior Music Editor and lifelong guitar-playing Led Zeppelin fan Jimmy Brown teaches you how to play, sound and improvise on the electric guitar like the great Jimmy Page, one of the most creatively brilliant and prolific innovators in the world of rock music.

Topics covered include gear, tone production, use of effects and rhythm playing techniques, such as thumb fretting and exotic and “jazzy” chord voicing. Topics also covered are:

  • Page’s signature lead playing techniques and phrasing elements such as string bending, bending behind the nut, finger vibrato, go-to scale patterns and fretboard shapes
  • Live improvising on classic Led Zeppelin songs
  • Slide playing in standard, open G and open A tunings,
  • Using DADGAD tuning to create a Celtic, “mystical” vibe
  • Bonus! How to Emulate Jimmy's sound and play with a bow
  • Tabs to play along! and more

    Jimi Hendrix Playing Secrets

    With 60 minutes of instruction, Jimi Hendrix Playing Secrets will help you learn all of Jimi Hendrix's essential rhythm and lead guitar techniques. This DVD includes his go-to soloing patterns, extended pentatonic and blues-scale positions, signature phrasing and articulations, string bending, vibrato and whammy bar usage, strummed octaves, thumb fretting and chord embellishments, plus essential gear and how to recreate Jimi's tone! Learn: 

    • Essential Scales and Licks - E Minor Pentatonic and E Blues
    • Moving Through E Minor Pentatonic and E Blues-scale Positions
    • Rhythmic Syncopations and Permutations
    • Organ-style pedal-point licks
    • Strummed Octaves and Playing Up and Down the Neck
    • Two-note Harmonies and Whammy Bar Usage
    • Tabs to play along! and more

    Please note: To access the written music for this DVD, insert the disc into your PC or Mac computer and browse the disc for the PDF.