Guitar World - Apr-08 - Eddie and Wolfgang Van Halen

Guitar World - Apr-08 - Eddie and Wolfgang Van Halen

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Edward and Wolfgang Van Halen: Eddie Van Halen put the fire in the group that bears his name. It took his son, Wolfgang, to rekindle the passion and get the group on the road for one of the most anticipated reunion tours in rock history. In this world exclusive interview the father and son duo talks about working and performing together in Van Halen.

The Making of Van Halen: Thirty years ago, Van Halen burst out of the Sunset Strip and set the music world on fire with their debut album. This is the story behind the group's rise to success and the making of Van Halen, the record that changed guitar oriented rock forever.

Led Zeppelin: When led Zeppelin reunited for their historic show in London in January, they granted world famous photographer Ross Halfin unprecedented access to their rehearsals and concert. Here in a world exclusive are the best of his unforgettable images.

5 Songs with Tabs for Guitar and Bass!
Van Halen - "Little Dreamer"
Quiet Riot - "Metal Health"
Soundgarden - "Pretty Noose"
Thin Lizzy - "Whiskey in the Jar"
Daughtry - "Home"

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