Guitar World - Dec-09 - Jerry Cantrell

Guitar World - Dec-09 - Jerry Cantrell

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Sunn O))): They may make the densest-sounding tones in the universe, but Sunn O))) manage to fit orchestral instruments, choirs and a whole lot more into Monoliths & Dimensions, their latest adventure into music's darkest territory.

Shadows Fall: After their major-label release Threads of Life tanked, Shadow Fall got smart and dropped out of the corporate music machine. On Retribution, they reclaim their independence with a fury.

Les Paul: He pioneered recording technology, effects and the solidbody electric guitar. IN the process, he paved the way for rock and roll, metal, punk and all forms of modern music. 

 4 Songs with Tabs for Guitar & Bass!

  • Alice in Chains - "Man in the Box"
  • Megadeth - "Peace Sells"
  • Kiss - "Shock Me"
  • Dream Theater - "A Right of Passage"
  • Doobie Brothers - "Listen to the Music"


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