Guitar World - Nov-07 - Ultimate Guitar Quiz

Guitar World - Nov-07 - Ultimate Guitar Quiz

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Test Your Guitar IQ: Think you know everything about music, guitarists and gear? Put knowledge to the test as Guitar World presents the Ultimate Guitar IQ challenge.

Music Trivia: Do you know your Pink Floyd from your Black Sabbath? Your Albert King from your Kerry King? How about your Icky Thump from your Sticky Fingers? See how smart you are about rock, metal, blues and punk with Guiar Worlds's music-genre challenge!

Gear: Do straight cabs sound different from slant? Can outputs ever be used as inputs? If you buy a modeling amp will you have to upgrade your wardrobe? Check your knowledge of guitars, amps and pedals with out gear-intensive quiz.

Theory: Step up and put your music theory muscles to the test! Whether you're a master of modes or a too-cool-for-school strummer, our three skill levels guarantee every player comes out a winner.

5 Songs with Tabs for Guitar and Bass!
Fall Out Boy - "Thnks Fr The MMRS"
Boston - "Foreplay/Long Time"
Accept - "Balls to the Wall"
Behemoth - "Prometherion"
My Chemical Romance - "Teenagers"

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