Guitar World - Sep-08 - Electric Ladyland

Guitar World - Sep-08 - Electric Ladyland

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The 40th Anniversary of Jimi Hendrix's Electric Ladyland: It took countless studio hours to record and led both his bassist and manager to abondon him. But 40 years on, Electric Ladyland lives on as Jimi Hendrix's greatest triumph and one of rock and toll's most vital albums.

Judas Priest: In what may be the biggest creative gamble of their career, Judas Priest bet that their fans are ready for Nostradamus, the group's new double-length concept album about the legendary French seer. Glen Tipton, K.K. Downing and Rob Halford take stock of Priest's legacy and look into their future.

Michael Schenker: After years of grappling with alcoholism and itinerant living, Michael Schenker is fighting to rebuild his life and career. With the new Michael Schenker Group album, In the Midst of Beauty, the battle rages on.

Steve Winwood: Winwood performed with Hendrix and Clapton, led the group Traffic to jazz-rock glory and went on to become a major hit maker on his own. Now performing again with Clapton and sporting a new album, he reclaims his place in the spotlight.

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