Guitar World presents 40 Years of Van Halen

Guitar World presents 40 Years of Van Halen

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Features in this issue:

Atomic Punk: The Story of how Eddie Van Halen revolutionized rock guitar.

California Dreamin’: In this revealing interview conducted just a few weeks after the February 1978 release of Van Halen, Eddie Van Halen spoke out about this lifelong dream of being a rock star.

VHI: In 1978, Van Halen burst out of the Sunset Strip and set the music world on fire with their debut album. This is the store behind the group’s rise to success and the making of Van Halen, the record that changed guitar-oriented rock forever.

Bottoms Up!: Their 1979 New Year’s Eve gig may have been canceled due to David Lee Roth’s broken foot, but that didn’t keep Van Halen from partying it up during the recording of Van Halen II.

Third Power: Shortly before the March 1980 release of Van Halen’s third record, Women and Children First, Eddie Van Halen sat with writer Steven Rosen to discuss the band’s most varied album to date.

So This Is Love: As Van Halen’s Diver Down raced up the charts in 1982, Eddie Van Halen looked back with great fondness on that album’s monumental predecessor, 1981’s Fair Warning.

The Life and Times of Van Halen: As “Jump” hit the Billboard’s Number One slot in 1984, Guitar World presented one of the first interviews from 5150, Edward’s new home studio.

Les Paul’s Junior: Twenty-six years ago, Guitar World writer Steven Rosen brought together Les Paul and Edward Van Halen for a quick chat. It would be the beginning of a beautiful friendship between the two great guitar innovators.

And more features, such as:

Ace of Bass

On The Road

The Monster of Rock

Cut and Dry

Like Father, Like Son

Unchained Melodies

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