KeyBoard - August - 2011 Nick Rhodes

KeyBoard - August - 2011 Nick Rhodes

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Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran on making Analog magic!New wave keyboard pioneer, Nick Rhodes, gives us the full story on the analog synth revival behind the iconic band’s new album. Plus: hot players, news, and reviews from the keyboard world.
    -Lauren Pritchard: From the Hard Way to Broadway
    -Get lessons from rock piano workshop: Well-Timed Note Release
    -The Chord Doctor teaches you how to Expand Your Voicings
    -Steal this Sound: A fresh look at Gary Numan’s “Cars”
Plus, all the hottest new gear 2011 has to offer! Roundup! Beyond the Black ‘n’ Whites, Spectrasonics OMNISPHERE 1.5, Roland ATELIER COMBO AT-350C 

and much, much more!

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